Introducing a First in Micro-Cap Finance – STREETcheck
C-Suite Tool For Predicting & Assessing Financing Terms

Post-2008, the financing environment for micro-cap companies is very challenging.  But, these 3 things needlessly complicate matters for CEOs and CFOs:

  1. Due to systemic conflicts of interest, it’s virtually impossible for any micro-cap company to obtain objective guidance about its financing prospects;
  2. In contemplation of a financing, micro-cap management teams are often forced to simply speculate regarding what financing terms are likely, how much money they can realistically raise, and what steps can be taken to positively impact financing terms; and
  3. Even after finally securing a term sheet, CEOs and CFOs often struggle to garner board approval given the disparate capital markets and corporate finance experience in many micro-cap boardrooms.

Until now.

StreetCheck is a first-of-its-kind consulting service that empowers micro-cap companies with a timely, cost-effective, objective assessment of a company’s financeability. Third Creek Advisors, LLC is uniquely suited to provide StreetCheck; Third Creek’s founder, Adam J. Epstein, co-managed special situation hedge funds that invested in more than 500 micro- and small-cap financings, and wrote a category-defining book about micro- and small-cap capital markets and corporate finance.

StreetCheck’s proprietary analysis provides C-suite executives with an unbiased assessment of how much capital a company can likely raise in the equity capital markets, using what likely financing structure, and on what likely financial terms – before a company even begins the capital-raising process.

StreetCheck is devoid of the conflicts of interest that pervade the micro-cap ecosystem.  Since Third Creek is not a broker-dealer, StreetCheck is not rendered with the intent to garner subsequent transactional fees.  Third Creek charges a simple fixed fee for StreetCheck; there are no ulterior inducements that affect the integrity of results.

StreetCheck is based upon an analysis of:

  • A company’s most recent Form 10K, Form 10Q, and Form DEF14A;
  • Recent quarterly results PR;
  • Macro markets/industry snapshot;
  • Recent financings undertaken by similarly situated companies; and
  • Management’s investor presentation.

StreetCheck results are delivered orally during a 60-minute telephone conference at your convenience.

StreetCheck Pricing:  $7,500 ●  Contact Us


1StreetCheck is provided only pursuant to a written agreement.  Third Creek Advisors provides clients with advice and recommendations only; it is exclusively the province of its clients to independently assess the advice and recommendations. Third Creek doesn’t: raise or find capital for companies, make capital introductions to investors, value or perform any due diligence or analysis with respect to securities, provide advice as to the advisability of buying, holding or selling securities, buy or sell securities, provide advice in connection with restructurings or work-outs, provide legal advice, or provide audit, attest, or public accounting services.  Third Creek Advisors is independently owned and operated; it is not a broker-dealer or an investment adviser, and is not directly or indirectly related to any broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment banks, or professional service providers.  StreetCheck is a trademark of Third Creek Advisors, LLC.