Today’s small-cap1 boards face an expanding continuum of risks that threaten shareholder returns like never before.  In a post-financial crisis setting characterized by heightened scrutiny and diminished risk tolerance, the margin of error for small-cap companies is small.  And getting smaller.

Capital Markets

  • Inadequate trading volume
  • Minimal equity research coverage
  • Attracting/growing institutional investor bases
  • Post-uplisting challenges
  • Evaluating buy-backs and dividends
  • Assessing reverse stock splits
  • Communicating better with the Street

Corporate Finance

  • StreetCheck™
  • Avoiding unnecessary dilution
  • Debating registered vs. unregistered financings
  • Weighing RDs vs. CMPOs vs. follow-ons
  • Analyzing ATMs vs. equity lines
  • Negotiating/administering structured financings
  • Mitigating warrant overhangs

Corporate Governance

  • Optimizing board composition
  • CorpGov 101 for new directors
  • Demystifying committee roles
  • Shareholder communications
  • Best practices investors care about
  • Dealing with proxy advisors
  • Practical guidance: cybersecurity/activism

Depending upon the situation, TCA works with boards, board committees, and/or management of pre-IPO and small-cap companies with respect to discrete issues or in an ongoing advisory capacity.2

TCA’s compensation is purposely not linked to the consummation of any transactions, so there are no conflicts of interest.


1The market capitalizations of companies advised by TCA vary considerably.  For simplicity, the term “small-cap,” as used on this site, incorporates by reference small-cap, micro-cap, and nano-cap companies.

2Almost as important as what TCA does, is what it doesn’t do.  TCA doesn’t: raise or find capital for companies, make capital introductions to investors, value or perform any due diligence or analysis with respect to securities, provide advice as to the advisability of buying, holding or selling securities, buy or sell securities, provide advice in connection with restructurings or work-outs, provide legal advice, or provide audit, attest, or public accounting services.  TCA is independently owned and operated; it is not a broker-dealer or an investment adviser, and is not directly or indirectly related to any broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment banks, or professional service providers.