Operating and governing small-cap1 companies is nothing like operating and governing large-cap companies.  Small-cap companies have a fraction of the resources of larger public companies, and are confronted daily with existential threats.

If that weren’t enough, small-cap institutional investors and their portfolio companies often view the world from decidedly different perspectives.  Officers and directors toil with vexing capital markets, corporate finance, and corporate governance decisions, and investors are routinely frustrated with the results.

Since institutional investors are the only constituency that matter in judging the efficacy of this decision-making, Third Creek Advisors, LLC bridges the disconnect. Third Creek, founded by a former small-cap fund manager, partners with CEOs to help them master the small-cap issues institutional investors care most about.


Capital Markets

  • Optimizing investor meetings
  • Demystifying trading volume
  • Garnering/maintaining equity research
  • Avoiding lethal communications mistakes
  • Analyzing dividends, splits, etc.
  • Thinking like an activist
  • Hiring/managing service providers

Corporate Finance

  • StreetCheck
  • Faster, smarter, less dilutive financings
  • Selecting the “right” bankers
  • PIPE vs. RD vs. CMPO vs. Follow-on
  • Understanding hedge fund accounting
  • Negotiating like a fund manager
  • Cleaning up capital structures

Corporate Governance

  • Best practices investors care about
  • Streamlining CEO-board communications
  • Board composition — from the buy-side
  • Proactive stakeholder communications
  • Managing cybersecurity on a budget
  • Proxy advisor 101
  • Unique board assessments — through a buy-side lens (BoardAssess BSL)

Depending upon the situation, Third Creek Advisors works with management, boards, and/or board committees of pre-IPO and small-cap companies with respect to discrete issues or in an ongoing advisory capacity.2

Third Creek’s compensation is purposely not linked to the consummation of any transactions and it is independently owned and operated — so there are no conflicts of interest.


1The market capitalizations of companies advised by Third Creek Advisors vary considerably.  For simplicity, the term “small-cap,” as used on this site, incorporates by reference small-cap, micro-cap, and nano-cap companies.

2Almost as important as what Third Creek does, is what it doesn’t do.  Third Creek Advisors doesn’t: raise or find capital for companies, make capital introductions to investors, value or perform any due diligence or analysis with respect to securities, provide advice as to the advisability of buying, holding or selling securities, buy or sell securities, provide advice in connection with restructurings or work-outs, provide legal advice, or provide audit, attest, or public accounting services.  Third Creek is independently owned and operated; it is not a broker-dealer or an investment adviser, and is not directly or indirectly related to any broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment banks, or professional service providers.